“I can highly recommend Jennifer’s classes. She has been my dance and yoga teacher for several years, and I’m still touched to this day by her classes and the passion, healing and love that she brings.”

–Sarah Jensen Bruning, dancer, teacher, healer

“Heidi ist ein Glücksfall für jede(n) der von ihr unterrichet wird! Rhythmik, Klarheit in der Bewegung, Vielfältigkeit, Struktur…alles wirklich super durchdacht.“

–Domina Schmitz, dance teacher



dancer, teacher

“A weissmann class is a clearly structured yet flowing experience. It emphasizes the importance of breath, different dynamics, the mind and body connection as well as artistic expression. It cares about detail and offers an organic way of moving. It builds an anatomically healthy alignment and respects musicality and the joy of moving in space. It is an interesting fusion of influential modern technique styles, that allow the dancer to build strength and flexibility while tuning into the body to become present.”

“Ms.Weiss ́s energy, passion and creativity left an enormous impression on me from the onset … she is an inspiration to watch in the classroom … an excellent teacher not only of choreographic process, but also modern dance technique and improvisation. She has a very thoughtful and well educated pedagogy as the foundation of her teaching philosophy. Her dedication to the art of dance, choreography and scholarly activity is exemplary.

Michael Foley

Associate Professor of Dance at University of South Florida

Lisa Jachmann

dancer, Pilates teacher

„Jennifer has got to be one of the most sensible and positive dance teachers I have known. Her high and infectious energy supports as well as encourages you to reach the maximum of your mental as well as physical potential. Even in group classes she manages to find individual ways to help each person surpass moments of self doubt so that without realising it, I would achieve what I believed to be impossible.”

“As an artist, weissmann allows me to express freely, what I feel deeply. The structure of the technique is liberating, rather than restricting. In class with Heidi and Jennifer, they see and bring out the qualities and strengths that you already possess, they guide you in exploring what is hidden to you, and ultimately inspire you to discover what you don’t know yet. In working with Heidi and Jennifer, I continue to grow as a dancer, an artist, and as a person, feeling more deeply connected to my centre, grounded, ready to receive my artistry, harness my curiosity, and go beyond what I already know.”

Lucy Kallenbach


Jacob Borchert Vahlun


weissmann technique has helped me immensely with my dancing in general. Apart from furthering a strong technical base on its own, it is very transferable to classical, modern and other contemporary techniques, generally broadening my abilities as a dancer. On top of this both Heidi and Jenny are wonderful teachers with an amazing energy and brilliant at giving feedback and corrections.